The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) offers high quality undergraduate studies (10 semesters of study) with an emphasis on scientific principles that enable technological proficiency. ECE five-year undergraduate program consisting of two periods of study: core (five semesters,mandatory courses, essential background and basic knowledge of all subjects of ECE) and fields ( four fields of concentration of the diploma: Electronics and Systems, Communications, Information Technology, Energy). Students’ education is completed with the preparation and presentation of the diploma thesis (10th semester).


AILS lab is involved in the following core and fields courses:

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

Flow Y: Computer Systems

Flow L: Computer Software

Diploma Theses

More than 300 students completed their diploma thesis in AILS Lab. In the following list, the most recent diploma theses presentations:

Summer 2019

  • Automatic Synthesis of Music in a Symbolic Form using Recurrent Neural Networks, Filandrianos George,
  • Learning Relationships From Knowledge Graphs using Machine Learning Technologies, Katsouli Nikoletta,
  • Converting Natural Language into Ontological Relations, Spantouris Ioannis,
  • Developing Chat Robots with Machine Learning Techniques, Tsokanaridou Myrto,
  • Classifying Texts Using Word Graphs, Voulgaris Sotiris,
  • Design and Implementation of a Mobile Population Application for Evaluation and Review of Cultural Content Sites on a Map Interface (React Native App Development), Pegkas Efthymios,
  • Machine Learning Techniques for the Internet of Things Psarompas Sakellarios,
  • Using Deep Reinforcement Learning to Resolve Rubik's Cube, Stavroulakis Stylianos,
  • Shopping Cart Analysis With Intelligent Techniques Nikitaras Karolos,
  • Real-Time Fire Detection with Machine Learning Techniques Tavoulareas Theodoros,
  • Predicting Online Advertising Auction Prices by Intelligent Techniques, Hantziharalambous Georgios,
  • Emotional Analysis of Tweets Using Machine Learning and Web Application Implementation Stathis Georgios,
  • Comparative Study of Deep Learning Algorithms for Object Detection, Fantakis Anastasios,
  • Analysis of player profiles in serious games for educational conflict resolution in young, Kontoulis Zacharias,
  • Automatic Text Summary Using Neural Networks of Deep Learning, Nikopoulos Alexandros,
  • Development of an application for the digitization of sensation, Kritikos Dimitrios